Beth Anderson

Beth Anderson is a painter who finds inspiration in nature. Beth is a master gardener and loves to paint bright still lifes with all sorts of flowers ... sunflowers, tulips and orchids. Using her impressionistic style she beautifully captures the dry red dirt roads and black gumbo fields of Central Texas. Beth interprets the little wooden painted churches of Fayette County, built by early settlers and lovingly tended to by their descendants. She finds inspiration in the log and stone structures that are restored and cared for in Round Top, Texas. These simple churches and buildings are made of natural materials and are a never ending source of creativity to her. The Texas landscape touches her imagination as she paints the wildflowers and trees of the lonesome prairies. Beth and her family have traveled in the Far East and throughout the United States. Whether in the tropics or the desert, the land has always been tantamount in her paintings. Beth and her husband of 50 years have a home and studio in the city of Round Top. Beth joyfully paints everyday, be it a stand of pine on a hill, an abandoned house, or a starry night, it is all enthusiastically captured on her canvas. You may have noticed the 3 dots on Beth's paintings. We all want to know what they mean. But, she just laughs and says the answer will come in due time. Still, everyone wonders about those three little red dots on each of her paintings. Well, it's a secret. She won't tell and neither will we.

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