Kathy Durst

Twenty-five years of being an Arts Educator has given her a lot of practice playing with every medium imaginable. Over the last few years her students asked over and over again to paint papers and make collages like Eric Carle and Henri Matisse. These projects resulted in striking, fun, imaginative artworks that we exhibited to the delight of their parents, teachers and our little arts community. Kathy always started those lessons with a demonstration project and had a small collection of these animal pieces in her own studio. After retiring from public school teaching, she continues to make these painted paper collages and now has an Ark-full. Kathy was born in Red Wing, Minnesota, grew up in Rockford, Illinois where she graduated from an all-girls Dominican high school. She got to Texas as fast as she could, graduated from Southwest Texas State University (now named Texas State University) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and then a Visual Arts Studies all-level teaching certificate from the University of Texas at Austin.

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