Lyn Foley

Lyn Foley, a glass artist, creates jewelry to make you a star! When you wear her handmade glass bead jewelry, she wants you to light up with happiness and joy. Years ago, after earning a B.A. degree in art education, Lyn flitted between teaching art and creating watercolors, drawings, jewelry and fiber.

Learning lampworking changed her life. Lampworking involves melting glass in a torch flame to make beads. The flame scared her, and she spent the first day making beads with shaking hands. Suddenly, the fear disappeared. She fell in love with melting glass. She bought the needed supplies and set up a studio.

Lyn loves making glass beads and jewelry. Her art skills and her love of drawing, of texture and of color merged when she found glass. Each bead she creates with molten glass is a miniature painting, each a link in the jewelry she creates, each a moment of love captured in time. Lampworking offers endless possibilities, myriad moments of discovery. Your participation allows her to continue creating unforgettable jewelry for remarkable women.

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