Jeanette Guetersloh

Jeanette Guetersloh - Asia and the art of primitive cultures provide the basis and inspiration for my work. While living and traveling in some of the culturally rich and diverse areas of Indonesia and Malaysia, I was privileged to be allowed to observe tribal customs and beliefs as expressed through ancient arts, rites and rituals. I was also fortunate enough to be able to visit Batik workshops and learn about the art, traditions and incredible skill used to create fabric with meaning in those countries. Vibrations of ethnic images are developed in my work by exploring resist and/or discharge dye processes on luxurious fabrics. My focus is on adaptations of the traditional fabric resist techniques of Batik and Shibori, often combining them with contemporary dye and discharge processes to produce endless results that are many times surprising. I work with a variety of natural fabrics, with the primary focus on silk. My work conveys an ethnic influence in a contemporary, elegant way, using Art as Fashion or Fashion as Art.

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