Cindy Henneke

Cindy Henneke lives in beautiful, central Texas. She has been sewing for about 40 years and has sewn nearly everything she wore for years. Cindy loves everything about the process of creating something from a flat piece of fabric, to a garment that no one else has owned. Through the years, she discovered quilting and was hooked. Started as a traditional quilter, then moved to art quilting where she experimented with different fiber arts. Creating show quilts and getting published in a book was extemely satisfying. Cindy found that creating love quilts for ill and hurting people and valor quilts for wounded veterans fed her soul and realized what a privilege it is to bring so much comfort and warmth to someone else. Then she discovered bag and purse making, which fills the need for functional and as well as beautiful to carry. After crafting her bags and purses, Cindy was asked several times if she sold them... thus Tin Star Creations was born out of this evolving process. Cindy enjoys creating these one of a kind bags from different fabrics, cork, leather and canvas. These are high quality, completely made by her from cutting and prepping to the stitching of the bags. They are made with love and care in the hope that they will bring a smile to the person that owns each one. Because they are made individually by Cindy, which requires several machines, it takes many hours to handcraft each one.

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