Matt Tumlinson

Awarded Best Emerging Artist - 2017 Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival

Matt Tumlinson was raised in Early, Texas, and currently resides in San Antonio. His eclectic art work is a result of eclectic passions and a desire to discover what unites all people.

Matt creates a canvas from used 9mm bullets, and then paints his images on his "brass canvas".

"One of the traits that I love most about the arts is the story behind a piece, what influences led the artist to create such work, and how viewing it makes us contemplate our own story. Art is able to encapsulate the spirit and feeling of so many influences, thoughts, and emotions into one image. One image that was once the pinnacle of someones present world. Their story is captured in that one item. One split second in time that offers an image of the artist's past, present, and future, yet also connects us with our own past. It grips us in the present and invokes wonder in what the future might think of this one moment in time.

My artwork is me, and I hope it speaks for itself in this way. Enjoy"

-Matt Tumlinson

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