Mike Tumlinson

As a 7th generation Texan, Mike Tumlinson's ancestors were part of the original 300 to settle this great state in the 1820 s, his love of Texas and it s heritage runs deep. It is through this love of this diverse state that continually gives him the inspiration & subjects for his artwork. Mike is a self-taught artist and public school educator of thirty plus years. He was born in Slaton, Texas, in the Texas panhandle where the sky & cotton fields seem to go on forever. The railroad brought his family to the high plains from their old, original family roots in the Gonzales area. The sight of an endless sky, massive storm clouds building, old abandoned structures and windmills, bluebonnets or century old oak trees allow him the opportunity to capture God s own beauty and creation. Imagine the history and stories they have witnessed and been a part of. These are the things Mike enjoys in his artwork, whether it is on canvas, random doodling in a sketch pad or as he has recently discovered, painting on oak leaves. To Mike, the oak tree symbolizes the strength and hardiness that characterize the people of this state and this country. The oak leaf paintings which are displayed here, helps him preserve a small piece of God s creation for others to enjoy in a most unique way.

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