Lumina Grand EC offers its residents a higher standard of living, enhanced by its comprehensive lifestyle amenities, Lumina Grand CDL has also taken great measures to ensure eco-friendly practises around the estate. Within the ecovillage, residents enjoy open green spaces to relax and connect with nature.

Set in a strategic location, Lumina Grand EC grants its residents a convenient and easy ride to key MRT stations in just minutes. Moreover, with the upcoming Jurong Region Line, residents’ travel times to central business districts, shopping destinations, and recreational sites will be optimised. This impressive connection eliminates the need to use cars, giving them the privilege of a stress-free journey to their desired places without much trouble.

Lumina Grand EC is so much more than its desirable location – it’s a masterpiece of modern architectural excellence. Its interiors are vast and airy, and its design touches are immaculate. HDB flat upgraders will certainly appreciate its luxurious fixtures and sophisticated vibe, providing a major step-up from the conventional HDB design.

Lumina Grand EC, located on Bukit Batok West Avenue 5, is the newest executive condominium to be developed by City Developments Limited. During the site’s tender process, four bids were made, with City Developments leading the way with an offer of $336.068 million; this translates to a land rate of $626 psf per plot ratio – only marginally higher than the Sim Lian Group’s bid of $625 psf ppr (a difference of 0.17%).

Located close to Bukit Batok and Jurong’s premier shopping destinations, Lumina Grand EC is more than just a residential complex; it’s a lifestyle. Combining the convenience of nearby shopping centers, the variety of experiences, and the luxury of life, Lumina Grand EC offers residents an extraordinary urban experience without the regular city rush. Foodies, shopaholics, movie-goers, or anyone with an appreciation for the finer things in life will find something that suits them. Lumina Grand EC, situated in a prime location, is the perfect place to make every day feel like a celebration.

The completion of the new Jurong Region Line (JRL) is sure to bring exciting new opportunities for Lumina Grand EC residents. With the JRL, nearby malls, dining enclaves, and entertainment zones are likely to develop, creating a wealth of options for residents to explore. This means that in the near future, residents of Lumina Grand EC will have access to fresh shopping options, an expanded selection of eateries, and a variety of entertaining activities – all located conveniently close to home.

Perched in the energetic streets of Bukit Batok, Lumina Grand EC is a glimmering symbol of modern residential comfort. Its advantageous location near some of Singapore’s finest shopping spots makes it a highly attractive choice for homeowners looking for a sense of ease, plenty, and city energy. Let’s take a look at how Lumina Grand EC’s vicinity to the shopping malls in both Bukit Batok Town and Jurong boosts its residential charm.

Summing up, Lumina Grand EC is not just a home, but a way of living. For HDB upgraders, this property provides a unique combination of convenience, luxury, potential development, and a sense of community. Thus, the property not only brings higher standards of housing, but also a greater quality of lifestyle in the Bukit Batok vicinity.

Keming Primary School stands out for its commitment to fostering creativity, innovation, and character development. Based in a convenient location close to Lumina Grand EC, this highly sought-after institution provides an inspiring learning environment, complete with modern facilities and a team of passionate educators.

The Lumina Grand estate provides a great attraction, with its comprehensive array of features. Top-notch gym facilities, calming swimming pools, and inviting BBQ pits are just some of the options available. This executive condominium provides its residents with an elevated lifestyle that most HDB dwellers would love to experience. Enjoy the luxury and convenience that this development brings!

In contrast to the bids, the land rate of Lumina Grand EC is notably lower than the $662 psf ppr achieved by the Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 EC site in March, which was won by a partnership of Qingjian Realty and Santarli Construction.

Lumina Grand EC has rapidly become a highly sought-after residential destination for both homeowners and investors. One of its key strengths is its outstanding connectivity across the islands of Singapore. Residents of Lumina Grand EC benefit from the seamless combination of public transportation options and surrounding arterial roads, providing them with effortless access to various parts of the city. To further understand how Lumina Grand EC elevates the connectivity of Singapore, here is a more detailed look at the advantages it brings.

The presence of the JRL nearby makes Lumina Grand EC an excellent option for future homeowners and investors, as it stands to benefit from a boost in real estate values. This will equate to a higher return on investment, owing to the improved connectivity the infrastructure upgrade will bring.

CDL’s decision to bid for the Lumina Grand EC at Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 illustrates its strategic move to cement its market dominance, given that the group had secured the Tengah Garden Walk EC plot back in June at $603 psf ppr. It is worth noting that the Copen Grand is set to launch in the fourth quarter of this year.

For those living in Bukit Batok and Jurong, shopping and feasting is just a stone’s throw away from Lumina Grand EC. With numerous shopping centres such as IMM nearby, the choices are endless and include a variety of local food delicacies, as well as international and gourmet cuisine.

As Singapore strides towards a sustainable future, Lumina Grand EC is keeping up with the pace. Its design is tailored to promote walking and cycling, with bicycle-friendly paths and pedestrian walkways, enabling residents to adopt greener modes of transport, while regularly keeping active and reducing their carbon footprint.

Lumina Grand EC’s advantageous position near a number of prestigious schools makes it a top choice for households who value education. The ease of access to educational institutions from early childhood through to tertiary levels is a rarity in the city. For families living in Lumina Grand EC, this isn’t just a perk; it’s the norm, enabling their children to acquire excellent education without all the inconvenience of extended travel. This development definitely shines as an ideal option for those who desire both the high life and superior education.

Lumina Grand EC pays tribute to the importance of neighbourhood. It provides an elevated lifestyle, but preserves the camaraderie and connection that one typically experiences in HDB living. Coupled with the government’s efforts in Bukit Batok to offer more facilities and recreational spots, the property is becoming even more attractive to potential residents.

Lumina Grand EC enjoys a great advantage in its positioning with close proximity to the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) and Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE). This advantageous positioning makes it a hassle-free experience to get to different parts of Singapore, from the vibrant Orchard Road to the tranquil East Coast Park. Furthermore, the interconnected road networks help to reduce traffic jams during peak periods, creating smoother and more reliable day-to-day travels.

The launch of the Jurong Region Line (JRL) by the government is a testament to its dedication to the growth and progress of the Jurong region. Thanks to the new transportation infrastructure, the area is now positioned for further expansion and development in the upcoming years, and Lumina Grand EC will remain at the centre of an ever-growing and dynamic part of Singapore.

Plans are already in motion for the Lumina Grand EC project, set to comprise of around 510 units across 10 blocks of 12-13 storeys, along with a basement level for parking. Kwek from CDL has pointed out the favourable location of the site, in close proximity to the upcoming Tengah New Town and Jurong Lake District, enabling quick and easy access to all the necessary amenities, as well as larger commercial and entertainment areas.

Location is of utmost importance when selecting a residence in a bustling city like Singapore. Lumina Grand EC is situated in Bukit Batok, making it a conspicuous option for those searching for modern living spaces and lavish features. What makes it stand out even more, however, is its nearness to a number of eminent schools – a key factor for families who put education at the forefront of their considerations when looking for a place to call home. Below we explore these educational establishments in the vicinity, further highlighting Lumina Grand EC’s suitability for its educational-oriented demographic.

Just a stone’s throw away from Lumina Grand EC lies Bukit Batok Primary School, a testimony to holistic education. Committed to providing a conducive and encouraging learning environment for Singapore’s youth, this school has set up a rigorous academic curriculum accompanied by diverse co-curricular activities, thus ensuring that every student receive a comprehensive education.

From an investment perspective, Lumina Grand EC stands out brightly. With a wide array of offerings and an enviable location, it offers promising capital gains. The fact that Executive Condominiums can be highly flexible, especially after the Minimum Occupation Period, further makes this an attractive opportunity.

Jurong East is home to two magnificent shopping malls which provide a luxurious experience – JEM and Westgate. With their sophisticated designs, a range of high-end brands, and plush dining options, a trip to either one of these malls will be a truly luxurious escape.

The real estate market of Singapore is ever-changing, and one kind of property that stands out is Executive Condominiums (ECs). Lumina Grand EC, situated in Bukit Batok Town, is particularly attractive to those who are upgrading from a HDB unit. Here’s an explanation of why it is so popular.

Lumina Grand EC’s strategic advantage is its accessibility and convenience; it is close to amenities like supermarkets, food centres and shopping malls. Residents are also within proximity to major expressways for travel to the city centre. The landscape of the development consists of leisurely facilities like swimming pools, BBQ pits and a clubhouse, providing a pleasant living experience for residents.

Lumina Grand EC’s prime location and ample selection of amenities makes it a favourite choice for those upgrading from their HDB units. It is situated conveniently close to a variety of necessities and facilities; supermarkets, food centres and shopping malls are all nearby, while major expressways provide access to the city centre. The development also boasts attractive leisure facilities, such as swimming pools, BBQ pits, and a clubhouse, for a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Residents of Lumina Grand EC are presented with an eco-friendly commuting choice through the nearby JRL, allowing them to reduce their environmental impact. This consequently assists in achieving sustainability, in line with the nation’s goal of a greener tomorrow. By opting for MRTs, they are able to substitute car-driving, ultimately providing a green alternative to the latter.

Lumina Grand presents a striking combination of opulence and financial pragmatism. With the property appreciation potential stemming from the rapidly-transforming Bukit Batok landscape, it offers an attractive proposition, especially when compared to private condos at a more competitive price. This makes Lumina Grand an appealing option for those looking for both luxury and financial prudence.

Shopping malls in Singapore are more than just places to purchase items – they are also hubs of entertainment. At JEM in Jurong, movie fans can watch the newest releases, while Westgate offers exciting play zones for youngsters to have a blast. For an enjoyable weekend, these malls provide limitless possibilities.

For those who desire an international curriculum, capable of imparting educational excellence, Dulwich College is situated nearby. Boasting a contemporary set up, Dulwich College is renowned for its global perspective and pursuit of both personal and educational achievements. Lumina Grand EC’s close proximity to the distinguished college provides its residents with a rare and unique privilege.

Strategically located in Bukit Batok, Lumina Grand EC affords its residents with unrivalled accessibilities. This development allows its residents to enjoy convenient proximity to some of the major transport hubs such as the Bukit Batok MRT and numerous bus interchanges. Consequently, its citizens have the benefit of taking advantage of a smooth and effortless transit journey to the metropolis.

As they move into their teenage years, it is vital for children to be provided with the necessary support and guidance for making informed decisions in regards to their future. Bukit Batok Secondary School, situated in close proximity to Lumina Grand EC, strives to meet this requirement. Through its focus on character education, educational advancement, and leadership cultivation, it works to create a strong foundation for students to become independent, mature, and conscious members of the community.
The new line also has stops at important transportation hubs, making it even easier to get around Singapore.

The JRL brings an array of advantages, chief among them being the improved connectivity. Lumina Grand EC residents are now able to travel to the western and north-western parts of Singapore in a much more direct and straightforward manner. Besides that, the commute to areas such as work, friends and shopping is bound to be more pleasant and quicker. The JRL is also equipped with several stops at major transportation hubs, granting a greater ease of movement in Singapore.

Singapore’s transport system is renowned for its efficiency, breadth, and foresight, and it is about to add yet another element to its portfolio with the Jurong Region Line (JRL). Homeowners of Lumina Grand EC are set to experience a dramatic improvement in their living situation as a consequence of the recently inaugurated JRL, and this article provides a detailed look into the many benefits it brings.

At the Bukit Batok Community Club, Lumina Grand EC residents can find workshops, classes, and activities for holistic development and entertainment. Whether one seeks to learn a new skill, pursue a hobby, or simply take part in community events, the club offers plenty of options. With the wide range of entertainment and activities on offer, the club provides an excellent alternative to traditional shopping centres.

The Jurong Lake District (JLD) is set to bring about commercial growth to the Jurong area. This will include the development of new business hubs and parks, generating a wealth of job opportunities. For owners of Lumina Grand EC, this could present a beneficial opportunity to work closer to home, minimising their commute and giving them a greater work-life balance.

On the monetary side, the potential launching cost of units at the Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 site is likely to be around $1,300 psf.

The infrastructure of Bukit Batok has been well-planned, and Lumina Grand EC conveniently benefits from a comprehensive bus network. These buses help to facilitate transportation to places not directly connected to the MRT, making it simple for residents to take quick trips to the mall and more distant locations. Residents can rely on the bus services to reach their destination in an effortless manner.

Grand EC’s exceptional connectivity affords a swift commute to major business districts like Raffles Place, Marina Bay, and Tanjong Pagar. This is great news for professionals, because it means more time saved – time which can be put to better use, like spending time with family or engaging in leisure activities.

Jurong Point, one of Singapore’s most expansive suburban malls, makes it easy to access from Lumina Grand EC. Offering more than 400 retail and food outlets, it provides a shopping experience that accommodates a broad range of inclinations. A wide variety of global fashion labels as well as local artisanal items guarantee something for everyone.

Residents of Lumina Grand EC can look forward to the government’s future projects to bring Singapore even closer. These projects include the development of new MRT networks, bus interchanges, and road extensions, which will help to further enhance Singapore’s transport infrastructure.

Situated nearby, Swiss Cottage Secondary School is renowned for its holistic approach to education, equipping students with the understanding, aptitudes, and values required in a quickly changing world. With its proximity to Lumina Grand EC, students can make the most of their learning hours without having to travel long distances.

The Jurong Region Line isn’t only an improvement in transportation for Singapore; it means a major shift in lifestyle, comfort and possibilities for the owners of Lumina Grand EC. This railway is expected to cause a surge in house values, making it easier to carry out work and leisure activities closer to their residence. The JRL is creating a new reality for Lumina Grand EC residents, who will soon enjoy not only a place to call home, but also direct access to a range of opportunities. With the JRL coming to life, the future looks optimistic, connected and rewarding for every Lumina Grand EC proprietor.

For those looking into pre-university education for their older children, Millennia Institute is the ideal choice. Situated near Lumina Grand EC, this school boasts a broad selection of courses to meet pupils’ varying talents and preferences. Its stimulating campus atmosphere combined with the high level of academic instruction provides a comprehensive pre-university learning experience.

Situated close to the Lumina Grand EC, West Mall in Bukit Batok is the go-to place for everything from shopping, dining, to entertainment. With a wide range of retail stores, supermarkets, and a movie theatre, residents can easily satisfy their spur-of-the-moment cravings for a movie night or a shopping spree without the hassle.

A highly-regarded institution in the neighbourhood, Princess Elizabeth Primary School is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and comprehensive development programs. In addition to scholastic achievements, the school’s curriculum also instils essential values and capabilities in its students that will prepare them for the future. Being situated in close proximity to Lumina Grand EC, parents are able to enjoy ease of access when dropping off their children for the day – granting more opportunities to spend quality time with them.
Shopping for groceries is a breeze too, with a wide selection of fresh and frozen food. There’s even a food court with a variety of tantalizing stalls, as well as eateries that serve up delicious meals at reasonable prices.

Big Box, another great spot in Jurong, is a hypermart offering an extensive range of products. Be it electronics, furniture, groceries – the store truly is a haven for families shopping for their home. With its spacious floor plan and family-friendly features, browsing the store is made simple, even for those with little children. The supermarket section of the store houses a vast selection of fresh and frozen food, while there is also a food court with plenty of tantalizing stalls to choose from. To top it all off, a variety of eateries are available onsite, offering delicious meals at affordable prices.